Dr.Mehran department store has been active in handicrafts and as a matter of fact it’s kind of family job for more than 90 years. the Mehran ‘s really concern about handicrafts and saving this kind of industries in different ways such as buying, selling , and exporting different kind of products .
In order to pay attention and appreciate their father (R.I.P Haj Asqar Mehran)
who had been active in this way for about 90 years and he was well known in this issue this department store choose his picture as a logo of their department.
Dr.Mehran has been worked as a staff member of university and was principal for saving and developing handicrafts as a national industry for about 35 years .He has been studied about using technology to make hand made carpets and developing products until they reached the appropriate level in world class manufacturing even in his PhD thesis.
Beside trading this department store want to co-operate with different workers of this Industries such as Skechers producers of raw materials and every single person who is involved with this product from beginning to the end which is called consumer.
By using of several masters related to handicrafts and trading methods want to improve producing and saving this kind of industry and help producers and people to know produce and enjoy .
Thanks god the results are acceptable by now and we are looking forward to having more opportunities and achievements to improve the industry and show it’s benefits to people all around the word.
We appreciate cooperating producers and every skilled person to achieve our goal.
Thank you.
Dr.Mehran department store